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Whether ours is in New York City or Nowhere, USA, Weaver's experience is comparable to all our experiences in this country--this is what makes The Awakener so readable and touching; these characters appear in every American's past.
Consequently, Thomas Merton remains a great awakener for those who choose to attune themselves to his life and work.
Being an educator and an awakener of feelings is not easy--it's one challenge and adventure after another.
This afternoon--it was still early, not yet five-thirty--as he walked up Escobedo Street to the offices of the morning newspaper: El Despertador del Norte (the Awakener of the North), he moved much more slowly than was usual to his restless long stride.
AWAKENER planet Uranus opens your eyes to all sorts of options and possibilities, and gives you a buzz of excitement, maybe a touch of tension, too, as you press a button that sets a big new chapter in motion, very possibly in your personal life.
The ATTAC movement had a role as 'an awakener of conscience', he said.
HEALTH: Awakener and stress planet Uranus leaves your horoscope health zone for good, having perhaps made you well aware of your own healthy-living needs.
He seems at some pains to downplay the importance of Hume as Kant's awakener from dogmatic slumber, but it is hard to see how his account succeeds in diminishing Hume's role.
A dollop of tomato or pickle relish is another taste awakener for peas.
Giordano Bruno called himself "The awakener of sleeping souls," and went through life like a sword of the sun; but his reward was to be burned in the physical flame that is the parallel of the spiritual flame.
NM: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Erma Bombeck, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Madeleine Albright, Mother Teresa, Angela Lansbury, Wayne Dyer, Mary Warzecha, Roland Olivier, and just recently, Robert Frost I read a quote of his that I think really describes who I am and what my life purpose is about He said about himself "I am not a teacher, but an awakener.
Most important, as Gablik summarizes, the artist's role shifts "from that of a self-directed, achievement-oriented professional to something like that of a cultural awakener or healer .