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His hazy awareness was no more than an awareness of something--which, by the way, corresponds very fairly with the hazy awareness of the average human of the mysteries of birth and death and of the beyondness about which they have no definiteness of comprehension.
Conjectures as to Napoleon's awareness of the danger of extending his line, and (on the Russian side) as to luring the enemy into the depths of Russia, are evidently of that kind, and only by much straining can historians attribute such conceptions to Napoleon and his marshals, or such plans to the Russian commanders.
Only from without could reality impact upon him and reawake within him an awareness of reality.
The awareness of this relation is a further thought, and constitutes your feeling that the original thought had an "object.
technology for banking, awareness of right as a consumer of financial products etc.
The American Psychological Association's (APA; 2003) Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists provides a framework to help counselors gain awareness of themselves and of their clients as they strive to provide culture-centered practices.
Because of the cultural richness in the urban setting, where values and perspectives are often in competition with one another, awareness of one's self and the developmental context is critical (Green & Keys, 2001).
Beyond that, because the competencies are broken down into behaviors, the assessment not only helps people understand what emotional competence looks like behaviorally but it heightens awareness of areas that may be true blind spots.
The first step is to understand the disease and raise awareness of it before farmers are face to face with treatment decisions.
Data collected in a convenience sample of 170 South Asian women in community settings indicate barriers such as cost, transportation, lack of awareness of the procedure, lack of a physician referral, and lack of health insurance as some of the reasons why these women did not participate in regular screening (Umme Shefa Warda, 2000).
Results indicate the library needs to increase faculty awareness of resources beyond the library's online catalog and periodical databases.
Men experience their awareness of their ability to procreate most directly as part of their "wide-awake" reality, or working memory.

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