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Anything more awe-inspiring than the spectacle of this long line of departed royalties (there were twenty-seven of them, the last being Ignosi's father), wrapped, each of them, in a shroud of ice-like spar, through which the features could be dimly discovered, and seated round that inhospitable board, with Death himself for a host, it is impossible to imagine.
Nay, Your Majesty, I think not," replied Philip, "for he was indeed a grim and mighty man, and at his back rode as ferocious and awe-inspiring a pack as ever I beheld outside a prison; fully a thousand strong they rode.
I have had more awe-inspiring enemies, my dear count," replied Tarzan with a quiet smile, "yet I am still alive and unworried.
The devil-devils they sent after him were awe-inspiring, but since McAllister did not believe in devil-devils, they were without power over him.
     Grim, resolute, an awe-inspiring chap!
And this feeling was so uncomfortable that it nerved him to break through the awe-inspiring aloofness of his captain.
She took us up to her sanctum, and introduced us to her fellow dispenser, a rather awe-inspiring individual, whom Cynthia cheerily addressed as "Nibs.
The betrayed husband, who had figured till that time as a pitiful creature, an incidental and somewhat ludicrous obstacle to his happiness, had suddenly been summoned by her herself, elevated to an awe-inspiring pinnacle, and on the pinnacle that husband had shown himself, not malignant, not false, not ludicrous, but kind and straightforward and large.
I glimpsed grimy antimacassars scattered over that horrid upholstery, which was awe-inspiring, in- somuch that one could not guess what mysterious accident, need, or fancy had collected it there.
The rows upon rows of watercraft in all shapes, sizes, and speeds will be awe-inspiring at this year's Dallas Summer Boat Show.
She creates an awe-inspiring montage of folks residing in the household, including mentally impaired Brenda, a schizophrenic halrother who has just been released from prison and John's doddering, aged mother.
Lexi Bunny (descendant of Lola Bunny), voiced by Jessica DiCicco, the girl empowered second-in-command, instilled with expert eavesdropping, hyper-sensitive hearing, awe-inspiring aerial agility and an innate ability to blast objects with her mind.