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Deeply earnest Karen Barber is awesomely knowledgeable but a lot dull.
It's been impossible to watch the pictures on television and to hear the heart-rending stories without feeling desperately sorry for anyone caught up in this awesomely horrific natural tragedy.
We've teamed up with Rizla Suzuki to offer SP readers the chance to win the awesomely powerful Suzuki GSXR1000R which leads the British Superbike Championship.
The woman was awesomely talented, but the gay thing, that old gateway to her, is now a stumbling block.
But their lower order again proved all too fallible as the awesomely quick Brett Lee returned to the attack to complete a superb 5-30 return - and their fate was sealed when last man James Anderson was run out off the third ball of the final over trying to give the strike to Paul Collingwood, who remained undefeated on 25.
If you scored Mostly C's, your Summer Fun Style is AWESOMELY ADVENTURESOME.
Behind it rise the vast jagged white shapes of the mountains, awesomely defining the horizon.
Reading this superbly written, awesomely researched and deliciously anecdotal work, I relived the Depression (which began with the Crash of '29 when I was 4 months old), and the World War, which changed America and the planet in crucial ways.
A Certain Lack of Coherence merges passionate revolutionary commitment to social justice and transformation with an awesomely intense devotion to making art.
Gift Card Promotion - Enter the Awesomely Bad Gifts contest on the Galleria's Facebook page, a six-week promo during which winners receive $100 gift cards each week.
A nothing-packed first instalment delivered just about the most awesomely tedious hour of television I have ever seen.
It was a great win out in France, I thought the boys who played did awesomely and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.