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The novel's "soundless Nothing," presented as the forced silence in Rosa's parlor of her "vanishing" voice, as well as Jefferson's earlier "tranquil and astonished earth" (6), is also Quentin's own fascinated, awestricken imagination.
I'm awestricken, though I'm controlling it rather better than I did.
Unfortunately, too many reporters already are awestricken by the opportunity.
To follow through with this religious symbolism, the awestricken McPheron brothers could be seen as coming to Victoria's hospital bedside like the magi to the stable, "watch[ing] it all and stay[ing] with her into the night.
sun, and one naturally walked softly and awestricken among them.
The more I learn about the interaction of all life-forms on the planet and the more I witness, with my own five senses, the beauty and magnificence of nature, the more awestricken I become," writes Rush Limbaugh himself.
When she was told about North Little Rock mail carrier Joe Uselton's recent gallbladder surgery, performed at Baptist Memorial Medical Center, she was awestricken and more than a little envious.