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They were awestruck at first," nursery teacher Sue Poolton said.
An awestruck crowd watched (sun) as two scientists stepped into a mesh cage to be blasted by lightning bolts.
I remember being so awestruck watching the professional dancers when I was little.
Masses of struggling humanity may leave you awestruck but unmoved, while the image of one man clutching the beloved dog he can't bear to leave behind will reduce you to sobs.
2 DAN PERJOVSCHI I came across Dan's work only recently in Paris, and was immediately awestruck.
The jam-packed event was abuzz with awestruck guests who were elated by this year's house and its roster of star designers.
I'd love to say it was simply a case of her being awestruck by an illuminating display of erudition.
While standing awestruck in one of the 9,000 rooms in Beijing's 400-year-old Forbidden City, I looked up at a complex network of interlocking beams and posts that have held this building together since the Ming Dynasty.
The boy rides a kite in a harness, flying high in the sky, making money from the awestruck audience who believe he can commune with their dead ancestors up in the clouds.
I watch Jerry frontside slash grind a quarter pipe and am always just awestruck by how great it looks.
A friend and myself joined the excited awestruck crowds down at Woodside,just after 6pm, to wave her off,our excitement all the more intense as a mutual friend of ours was on board for the voyage.
Fans will remember Maradona's `Hand of God' goal against England in Mexico during the 1986 World Cup but that solo strike he registered in the same game left me awestruck.