awkward situation

References in classic literature ?
And Boris, having apparently relieved himself of an onerous duty and extricated himself from an awkward situation and placed another in it, became quite pleasant again.
Pickwick apart--'my dear Sir, we're in a very awkward situation.
After all, he was only a man, with a man's dislike of difficult or awkward situations.
When MP was placed in an awkward situation, FT did not hesitate to express her support, which consequently affected her role in a project.
None of them noticed me peeking in that night, but I still feel in a really awkward situation.
None of them noticed me peeking in that night but I still feel in a really awkward situation.
Elsewhere, Lauren gets a shock when Steven turns up at her work with Louie, putting her in an awkward situation.
According to the source, the high-rise building has been decalred a security risk but it has put the civic agency in an awkward situation as the owner could claim a compensation of Rs50 billion from the CDA in case it was demolished.
The way this socially awkward situation spirals into ever-greater heights of absurdity is masterfully done.
OUR GIRL BBC1 9pm Molly (Lacey Turner, right) finds herself in an awkward situation when both Smurf and Captain James declare their love.
So the Fulham skipper decided to pay the fines himself to bring an end to the awkward situation.
30 ( ANI ): Congress leader Chiranjeevi faced an awkward situation on Wednesday when a NRI reportedly reprimanded him for breaking the queue at a polling booth here to cast his vote.