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pensively, awkwardly, grotesquely, while I looked away to the opposite end of the sala as if there were a beautiful view there.
Very well," returned Jack, and walked awkwardly out of the stable and into the moonlight.
Trent moved forward and greeted the newcomer awkwardly.
The one opened the door with a latch-key and went in, followed by a young fellow who awkwardly removed his cap.
I was just thinking there might be people over there you'd be glad to see," he brought out awkwardly.
A KANGAROO hopping awkwardly along with some bulky object concealed in her pouch met a Zebra, and desirous of keeping his attention upon himself, said:
His knees gave way; he fell awkwardly and lay dead.
I do not intend the pun, and can awkwardly revise the statement to "latitudes more remote from the equator;" Yet Hawaii is only sub-tropical.
Don't you see," he explained, pointing a little awkwardly like a child, "he was thrown down from there?
He fell so awkwardly that his head stuck in the mud, and there he stood with his legs straight up in the air.
Thus the man, as well as the player, may condemn what he himself acts; nay, it is common to see vice sit as awkwardly on some men, as the character of Iago would on the honest face of Mr William Mills.
But the gates of speech were closed, and we, too, rose from the table and laughed awkwardly.