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Axiomatic design offers a scientific base for design and improves design activities by providing the designer with a theoretical foundation based on logical and rational thought processes and tools [10].
It is generally accepted that the (presumably) non-contradictory Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory ZF with the axiom of choice is the most accurate and complete axiomatic representation of the core of Cantor set theory.
We propose a holistic model, combining Pahl and Beitz's systematic model (based on design phases) and Nam Suh's axiomatic design model (based on design domains).
Indeed, the relationship between war and politics is not as axiomatic as the fact that two and two make four.
There has been no evidence of impropriety in the process this year, but it is axiomatic that corruption thrives in the shadows and withers in the light of day.
It is axiomatic that increased operating expenses will result in a decreased loan value, while capital expenses (i.
I agree that it is axiomatic that horses slow down at the end of a race.
Since the only way to use nuclear weapons responsibly is to not use them at all; it seems axiomatic that the current proliferation can only end in a culmination of martial power that puts all countries on a more or less equal level of threat.
It's axiomatic that teams' playoff-clinching celebrations reflect how they feel about the future as much as their emotions about what they've accomplished.
It should be axiomatic that even in an ideal order of social justice, there would always be loneliness, suffering and deprivations of one kind or another, all of which cry out for neighbourly love.
In fact, it's almost axiomatic that the bigger the government, the more corrupt, unaccountable, unresponsive, inept, wasteful, politically driven, and oppressive it is.
Service levels have improved to the point where it is no longer axiomatic that service needs to be improved.