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Alternative metrics have been explored axiomatically in bargaining and social choice theory.
In a new age of American priorities, securing global oil supplies no longer axiomatically tops the list, in what has been coined the 'Kuwait Question': Namely, would America step in to shore up a major oil producer in the region if things go wrong?
Careful to avoid a misreading that may suggest that not "writing back" to an imperial center entails an acceptance of Euro-American neo-colonialism, the author axiomatically states that African literature is "first and foremost about self-perception" (p.
They also seemed to accept the sharp social division between the haves and have-nots as the axiomatically given social-economic order.
Success for one or two businesses pursuing a particular approach to their activities is not axiomatically seen as a successful business model.
In Zimiamvia, therefore, the evil of frustration--the inability to accept and move beyond defeat--with which Eddison characterizes Hitler is easily and axiomatically done away with.
They are, above all, disciplined and live intently to bring their vision to a credible end, in order to, as the wise Sol Yurick axiomatically proclaimed, "engineer reality.
If a State fails to fulfill these duties, axiomatically it commits an internationally wrongful act.
That is, reciprocity may consist of repayment of a good deed, but not axiomatically by the recipient to the provider (Yamagishi & Cook, 1993).
the pure theory axiomatically based neo-Walrasian analysis of Arrow-Debreau, Debreu, Arrow and Hahn .
16) Apply classical rational choice theory to shareholder litigation and it axiomatically follows that shareholders will only sue when the financial benefit of suing exceeds the cost.
This philosophy which underpins all anti-doping regulation been adopted almost axiomatically by those who run sport.