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There's trophy Axis Deer hunting year-round and Whitetail Deer and Turkey hunting in season.
Kennedy declared the area a national seashore in 1962, hunting ceased, and fallow and axis deer thrived, because there were very few predators to keep them in check.
Rumen ciliates of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), axis deer (Axis axis), sika deer (Cervus nippon), and fallow deer (Dama dama) from Texas.
That was when Carlston felled the 2,000 pound buffalo and the same trip Sherell set a state record shooting axis deer.
Then, migrant birds flock to marshes, shores, and uplands; herds of tiny fallow and axis deer edge down out of the hills and into easier view; and tule elk bulls begin clashing and bugling in courtship rites.
Five new species of deer found in those locations, including the Axis Deer and the European Roe Deer, add realism to the game.
The axis deer could well be the most beautiful deer in the world, offering a wonderful off-season adventure.
One of my favorite stories about my wife and her recurve happened on an axis deer hunt in Hawaii.
She hails from Texas and has a nice collection of Pope and Young-caliber whitetails, Axis deer, turkeys and so on.
The tallest hotel in the world, The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, has also been featured along with a 200-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country where guests can mingle with herds of wild Axis Deer and Elk.
At Florida's Brady Ranch, where venison is commercially supplied to gourmet restaurants, I hunted axis deer - the world's most delicious venison - in very warm weather.
On a recent Axis deer hunt, I carried a Bog-Pod telescoping tripod for difficult offhand shots.