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In my observations - having been "best man" at the bacchanalian wedding of chums in Warsaw - Poles et al tend to puff away like old chuffer trains, and are hugely smitten with the gargle, particularly lethal vodka concoctions that can fell hippos with a whiff.
It's all very New York, as confirmed by the Bacchanalian scenes at the opening party (broadcast as part of a recent television profile on Heatherwick's oeuvre), but beneath the frivolous froth of fashion, there are some serious points to be made about the importance of craft, invention and construction, and how boundaries can, and should, be pushed.
The Bureau of Indications notes between slurps that being on one's fifth cup by noon does not imply having engaged in bacchanalian carousing the previous night.
It leaves you drugged, wild, Bacchanalian, denying.
Local councillor Sam Coull said: "I was going to compare it to a Bacchanalian orgy, but it's actually a lot worse than that.
In examining the angel of death's growing cult in his latest book, "La Santa Muerte," Mexican writer Homero Aridjis leads the reader on a frightening romp through a 24-hour party at a drug lord's bacchanalian ranch--along the way providing an exhilarating peek into the nation's criminal underworld and this "Thin Lady" to whom many gangsters pay tribute.
But back to the useless conventions of 2004, one can see no purpose for these bacchanalian soirees than to reward the faithful, pump them up for the election, and pretend that what they are doing is important.
Subsequent episodes of ANCIENT EGYPTIANS profile the early criminal justice system and corporate scandal as treasure hunters uncover a cache of papyri and ignite a political struggle in the Valley of the Kings; a family feud set against the backdrop of a power struggle between Pharaoh and the priesthood, in 660 BC; and the struggle of teenaged twin girls from Memphis to regain their inheritance as they try to survive in an unforgiving, bizarre bacchanalian cult in 164 BC.
A self-confessed family man, Matsunaga positions photos of his children and grandchildren on his office desk beside images of his company's Bacchanalian shenanigans in the four-story building that houses his company in West ShinjuKu.
With food from more than 30 of New York's top restaurants; 125 wines, champagne, spirits and microbrews selected by the Bon Appetit tasting panel; and cooking demonstrations presented by Viking Range, the 13th annual Bon Appetit Wine & Spirits Focus could only be declared a bacchanalian delight.
Nonetheless, most of his hypotheses appear eminently plausible with the exception of his understanding of the importance of Bacchic and Bacchanalian themes that seems inherently unlikely.
This beauty is revealed in bacchanalian moments reminiscent of the tango's underlying and often unacknowledged combination of arrogance, seduction, and violence.