back away from

See: eschew
References in classic literature ?
He tried the right, and had to back away from a furniture van that had no business to be there.
I turned back away from the park and struck into Park Road, intending to skirt the park, went along under the shelter of the terraces, and got a view of this stationary, howling Martian from the direction of St.
Quickly he crouched back away from the entrance, at the same time turning his eyes toward me.
If visa liberalisation does not follow, we will be forced to back away from the deal on taking back (refugees) and the agreement of March 18," he said, adding that the Turkish government was waiting for a precise date for visa liberalisation.
Although there were hints some weeks ago that the Islamic Republic might be trying to back away from its staunch support of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Tehran has now cemented itself even more tightly behind the Assad regime.
Summary: US President Barack Obama has refused to back away from his new Middle East peacemaking proposals that have angered Israel.
House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said on Thursday the United States should not back away from Pakistan but strengthen ties even though Osama bin Laden was found to be living in a Pakistani town close to the capital, according.
He refused to back away from his announced plan to nationalize the telecommunications and electric power industries and renewed his request that his country's congress give him powers to rule by decree.
They at once stopped pulling and began to back away from the shore, when suddenly from four different places on shore fire was opened on the boats, the crews of which were entirely unarmed.
To see anything, one had to enter the room and literally get up close to the drawings, which were always on the verge of disappearing, so to speak, should the visitor back away from the wall.