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However, when a person has back pain, fear of movement and depression can also play a big part, Major Childs said.
Other less common causes of sudden back pain are narrowing of the spinal canal, arthritis in the backbones, infection, or cancer.
Often any changes made are short-lived, as most people will recover relatively quickly from a back pain episode, or they will learn to manage it so it doesn't interfere with their work," stresses Newman.
Physiotherapist and biomechanics coach Martin Haines warns it's important for back pain sufferers to address the reason for their problem, rather than trying to mask the pain and hoping it will go away.
It is known that the abdominal musculature is affected by low back pain (Hodges 2001), but is the reverse true?
Overall, this is a book which could be well utilised by those who deal with back pain on a daily basis, or those who anticipate that they would be doing so in their future careers.
After metaanalysis, acupuncture was shown to have a statistically and clinically significant benefit in providing short term pain relief for chronic low back pain when compared to no or sham treatment.
If the treatment works, it will be the first to tackle the causes of chronic back pain rather than symptoms.
Most back pain is caused by strain and fatigue, rather than a specific medical illness.
The findings suggest that patients with low back pain should be assessed for bowel motility disorders, concluded Dr.