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At my direction they placed the stuff in one of the back rooms, and then departed, only to return with a second load, which they advised me constituted the balance of my goods.
The resident was alone inside the house when he heard some noise from a back room.
CCTV showed Sean McHugh hiding in a back room with the lads eventually forcing their way in.
Amped Wireless's network adapter kit will extend internet to any room (basement, attic, back room, back of back room) using your existing power outlets.
Elizabeth Upham and her band Back Room have played for youngsters at Tye Coryton in Cardiff, which caters for children with varying levels of autism.
Moss, 36, was given permission to smoke in a back room at the posh London celebrity hotspot with her pals.
TWO female betting shop attendants were threatened at knifepoint and locked in a back room when two men raided a bookmakers.
This need to economize on back room storage comes at a time when supermarkets continue to add depth to their product offerings to appeal to a wider range of consumers.
Would using the back room as a showcase reassure shoppers about the store's cleanliness?
Terrence Dunson grabbed the owner and dragged him into a back room, where he was forced to open a safe.
For a while Martin was rocking the back room, but after the smoking ban everyone was outside having a fag and it killed the atmosphere.
Form is as much a means to an end, as an end in itself, and in consideration of this site and this family Fobert set about generating a distinctive and specifically shaped concrete figure; a compelling object in its own right, that would reinforce and support the decrepit structure; open up and connect upper and lower ground floors--to creating the desired scale of spaces; and reorder the spatial sequencing--to break up the traditional arrangement of front room, back room and rear extension.