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In the 11th Council District, Encino attorney Robert Glushon, who is endorsed by Riordan and Valley leaders, faces Maureen Kindel, who was backed by labor but dropped out of the race Wednesday.
In fact, transactions backed by autos, credit cards and home equity have probably become more desirable because they exhibit less of the prepayment volatility inherent in mortgages.
Some asset-backed securities, such as those backed by credit card receivables, typically use a "spread account" as a credit enhancement.
The only candidates backed by Riordan with a chance to escape a runoff was former state Assemblywoman Paula Boland in the 12th District, and Marcos Castaneda, who was also backed by the unions in the 7th District.
Asset Securitization: A Supervisory Perspective In recent years the number of banks and bank holding companies (referred to here as banking organizations) that have issued securities backed by their assets and that have acquired asset-backed securities as investments has increased markedly.
Chrysler's safety materials - booklets, posters, videos, teacher's guides - are backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and should reach school systems by the end of January.