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Labor groups and their Democratic allies in the Legislature immediately cautioned Schwarzenegger to not overreach as he did in 2005, when he considered pushing for a ballot measure, but backed off when public safety unions aired commercials arguing his plan would take money from the widows of firefighters and police.
A union representing Northwest Airlines' flight attendants said the carrier has backed off a demand to staff international flights mainly with foreign flight attendants.
have backed off from plans to display a creationism exhibit at the city zoo.
Diebold backed off only after the Electronic Frontier Foundation entered the fray, claiming use of the documents in public debate is protected "fair use" and that Diebold was abusing copy-right law to stifle criticism.
Perhaps she backed off because unhappy past experiences have made her wary.
Meanwhile, the White House backed off from a letter it sent to 51,681 Head Start leaders and more than 870,000 parent volunteers threatening them with legal action if they spoke against the Bush plan.
The government has not backed off on its deadline but a great number of payers and providers are still trying to find their way through the thicket of technical requirements, code sets and other regulatory challenges.
Then he backed off, deciding to sell Taiwan a raft of sophisticated weapons, but not the high-tech destroyers that Taipei desperately wanted to counter China's short-range missiles aimed at the island.