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At the forum's recent annual conference, TV Dragon Richard Farleigh admitted he'd backed the wrong horse on most of his 75 small business investments, although 17 have galloped onto the Alternative Investment Market.
But technology fans who splashed out hundreds of pounds on HD DVD players when they launched here in 2006 have backed the wrong horse.
Birmingham without Longbridge is unthinkable,'' he said, adding that he had no regrets over supporting the Phoenix bid five years ago and denying that he backed the wrong horse.
But again Government backed the wrong horse - branding the bidders as asset strippers
There is a strong argument that Mugabe was wrong-footed by Mandela's release, and that he knew, even as he greeted the ANC leader, that he had, in a sense, backed the wrong horse during South Africa's struggle against apartheid.
Raith star Kevin Twaddle sent bail-out boss Tommy McLean back to Tannadice with his tail between his legs last night and claimed: "You've backed the wrong horse.
And a spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "We think this punter has backed the wrong horse because Yes Scotland is built to last the distance and the no camp is running out of steam.
Hull midfielder Corry Evans revealed his team-mates intend to prove to Pearson he has backed the wrong horse.
It would seem we not only turned our back on a principle, we backed the wrong horse.