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He said that France like other western countries has supported the terrorist groups with the aim of toppling Syrian President Bashar Assad and its supports have backfired now.
Brown's attempts to make contact with Warne backfired dramatically and he said that if Warne did get in touch, he 'wouldn't believe him probably'.
What must have seemed to be a great idea at the time has obviously backfired and resulted in the male receiving quite severe and painful burns to his cheeks, back and private bits.
BEIRUT: Police apprehended a man Friday in the neighborhood of Dora in Greater Beirut after his decision to wear women's clothing to escape arrest backfired.
It backfired, and I'll live and learn, but I would still pick the same team.
We didn't and went out with a strong team, but it has sort of backfired on me because I've had somebody sent off and a few injuries from it.
It shouldn't be a big issue but we were expected to win and it would have backfired if we hadn't managed to score.
It backfired, but he could have come on and that happened as well.
Irvine said: "Michael took his gamble, and it's backfired a bit.
CDATA[ Another anti-Zionist attempted boycott in Canada has backfired, with Israeli products enjoying sales rates much higher than usual.
Smoke billowed from the burning vehicle after its carburettor backfired just after 11.
England's patient approach to the first Test backfired after a stunning response from India's talented attack in the final session at the Chepauk Stadium.