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Otherwise, we may well get jarred with a loud backfire.
Hodgson's new look backfires FROM BACK PAGE a risk with the debuts that it would go our way.
Across three parts of the world, several product categories, different foreign brand names, and different "made in" labels, the authors find a key result: the incongruence backfires for hedonic products, whereas it has hardly any effect for utilitarian products.
I just hope Fergie's decision doesn't backfire on him.
After flying over the Russian-held islands off the eastern coast of Hokkaido and moving further to the south, the Backfires then flew eastward into the airspace, this time at the altitude of 4,300 meters, between 2:36 p.
Before the days of barbed wire, forest fires spurred farmers to light their own backfires in an effort to protect their chestnut-rail fences--no longer replaceable since blight has all but destroyed that tree.