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Some say the total, however, is much higher because the study only counted rape evidence in crime labs and didn't include the backlog at police headquarters -- such as the LAPD's 7,000 cases.
It is inevitable in times of backlog for phone volumes to rise as distributors, buyers and policyowners all call to get updates on their delayed service requests.
If you divide the estimated hours of work in the backlog by the rate at which you complete backlog--estimated hours completed per week--you get "backlog weeks.
Use the database tool to calculate the current FCI, which is the dollar value of the One-Year Deferred Maintenance Backlog (DMB) divided by the CRV of the building.
Cooper was the leader of the task force which was charged with identifying ways to allow VA's employees to spend more time on processing claims, improving the basic claims process, enhancing accountability at all levels, and emphasizing and encouraging all VA offices to attack the problem of claims backlogs," said DAV National Service Director Kenneth D.
From the customer's perspective, backlogs frequently mean longer lead times, frustration, damaged supplier relationships and often result in business eventually being pulled from the offending foundry.
As a result, users canceled 25 percent of the backlog on the spot and also found a few items in the backlog more strategic in value.
The Northeast had the smallest gain in construction backlog at .
Supreme Court remained committed to accelerate disposal of the cases and diminish the backlog.
Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry constituted various Benches at the principal seat, Islamabad and at Branch Registry Karachi to expedite the case hearings and clear the backlog.
Between January 2009 and January 2010, average backlog was down in each of the geographic regions, except for the Middle States.
For years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has experienced processing delays and significant backlogs of disability claims.