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Billy - nicknamed Backstairs Billy - said he was "touched" by the warm response.
The Queen Mother's 65-year-old steward, William Tallon - nicknamed Backstairs Billy - who grew up in Norman Place Road, Coundon, was named in the Queen's birthday honours list.
That was a clear reference to the backstairs bickering often fuelled by arch enemies Francis and Brady - with the volatile Sullivan often heating the controversial debate to red-hot temperatures.
He said : "Rather than a coalition stitched up in a backstairs deal which ties partners to programme for a full Parliament, I believe alliances will be formed on an issue by issue basis.
William Hague makes all the speeches, but the main event is a backstairs plot to get rid of him once the election is over.
An hour after an exhausting and emotional lap of honour, interviews with newspaper, television and radio people, McStay was content with a glass of water on a freezing cold slab on concrete in the backstairs at the ground.
In backstairs conferences Friday morning, the two sides reached an agreement on the length and of the debate and other rules, avoiding a series of noisy public procedural squabbles that both decided they did not want.
Backstairs Billy, as he was known, saw and heard everything; but never spilled the beans.
After his national service he was posted to work for the Queen Mother and rose to become her steward and page of the backstairs.
They were found after the death of former royal servant William Tallon, known as Backstairs Billy.
The gig was sponsored by Levis and it didn't take a jean-ius to work out who the stars of the show were when the Fratellis started with Creeping Up The Backstairs.
The song went gold, also hit #1 and was reprised on her 1978 album NIGHT FLIGHT, which largely downplayed disco in favor of an introspective vibe, as on the ballad "Down The Backstairs Of My Life" and a laid-back reading of Neil Sedaka's "Baby Don't Let It Mess Your Mind.