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With discretion and diplomacy Backstairs Billy tidied up every little royal mishap, played Dame in the Christmas panto, danced with 'Her Maj' and even sprayed air freshener whenever Prince Philip 'let one off'.
He joined the Royal Household in 1951, aged 15, and over the following 51 years worked his way up to become the Queen Mother's Steward and the Page of the Backstairs.
Our politicians, it seems, therefore prefer to avoid exploring the backstairs of our political culture.
so the old Latinists would groan over this curious way of "glorifying" one of the greatest musicians in human history by resorting to backstairs gossip
He underrates (for instance) the Immigration Reform Group, which exercised so powerful a backstairs influence as Menzies' reign drew to a close.
Based in part on the autobiographical novel "My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House" by Lillian Rogers Parks, as well as on extensive personal interviews, "Backstairs at the White House" earned 11 Emmy Award nominations for its portrayal of American political history through the eyes of a head maid and other staff living and serving in the White House during eight administrations.
Implicitly, we are all encouraged to follow a moral consciousness that is at home equally with Ruskin, Morris, and Blake as with, as Bellow describes it in Herzog, "Chicago: massive, clumsy, amorphous, smelling of mud and decay, dog turds; sooty facades, slabs of structural nothing, senselessly ornamented triple porches with huge cement urns for flowers that contained only rotten cigarette butts and other stained filth; sun parlors under tiled gables, rank areaways, gray backstairs, seamed and ruptured concrete from which sprang grass; ponderous four-by-four fences that sheltered growing weeds.
Maybe, just maybe, a person's backstairs, backstage handling of things begins because America has yet to deal with its homosexual guilt.
The AJCommittee had traditionally preferred backstairs diplomacy to public protests (the AJCommittee used "hush-hush mufflers," critics charged(6)), and Proskauer was pleased to find that he could work with Wise in keeping the militants from gaining the upper hand.
Defoe's backstairs champion proved to be one of the most formidable politicians of the day, Robert Harley (later Lord Oxford).
Both are backstairs literatures that often have to be semiclandestinely
He says he has been promised "a seat up the backstairs somewhere, out of the firing line".