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An obvious shift in interest and acceptance of virtual backup was revealed, as 80 percent reported they are considering deployment of a backup server as a virtual appliance.
But among all companies constructing their network backup server strategies on the basis on Handy Backup, there is a category which we cherish the most, the socially responsible organizations," said Dan Chernov, the head of Novosoft Partner Relations Department.
According to the company, IASO IP Backup is a client-server solution, in which IASO's client software runs on the system requiring backup while the backup server can be located remotely, in-house or as part of a hosted service.
The Barracuda Backup Server offers sufficient storage for a complete copy of an organization's current and historical data.
While the network backup server solved a lot of problems, the growth in the average size of a datacenter created more problems.
Resynchronize File History--Allows a client to resynchronize its local file history with the backup server.
Handy Backup Server is the special Handy Backup edition providing means of efficient network backup (http://www.
By distributing parts of the deduplication process to the backup server, DD Boost speeds up aggregate backup throughput on EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems by an average of 50 percent, while significantly reducing load on backup LANs and backup servers.
A fully automated disaster recovery process can restore a Linux server from scratch, as well as the backup server itself, if machines are stolen or totally destroyed.
The data is restored by rebuilding a Linux client or backup server using just a bootable CD solution.
The idea is to take a SATA RAID system, load a file system onto it, connect it to the backup server, and then use either proprietary or backup software applications from leading vendors, depending on which product is implemented, to back up data to the RAID disk target instead of traditional tape.
Employing an IBM S/390 and zSeries eServer as a backup server, FDR/UPSTREAM is a high performance enterprise-wide solution for managing corporate data distributed across a heterogeneous network on a variety of open system platforms including Windows, Linux, Novell, and UNIX servers as well as on workstations.