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Survey respondents reported "Faster backups; reduced backup times by hours and a reduction in the time it took to restore a file.
Besides reduced backup times, device redundancy will also substantially increase backup reliability.
With DSI's virtual tape appliance, TID's backup time is reduced by nearly 84 percent -- requiring only 20 minutes to backup.
a Seagate Company (NASDAQ:STX), today announced that the State of Wyoming Judicial Court System has implemented EVault([R]) storage services to protect courtroom data and ensure its rapid recovery throughout the State, drastically reducing backup times by over 80 percent and increasing data protection.
Backup times increase relentlessly, compounded by regulatory compliance, where email messages must often be stored for lengthy periods of time.
Tape backup times were approaching 23 hours when they selected ExaGrid and have now dropped by two-thirds to less than eight hours.
As a leading provider of storage technology, we are excited to work with these three companies again to provide small-to-mid-sized organizations with reduced backup times and increased reliability.
Combining the benefits of directory consolidation with I-FAAST (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) improved backup data transfer rates and backup times in the network disk backup trials for ARCServe by a total of 70%.
Instead of backing up data one server at a time, users can backup data from multiple servers simultaneously onto a central disk storage repository, slashing backup times.
With backup times exceeding nine hours and growing at a rate of 10 percent per month, Stabilo and his team knew they had to find a better solution.
The long backup times also meant that backup jobs that failed for any reason were a serious problem, and failures were not infrequent.