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5 percent reservation for backward Muslims in OBC holds political significance as well where Muslims have are substantial in numbers.
Moily and most backward classes leaders across political parties have been demanding a scientific basis and actual figures for backward classes to get benefits.
50 crore per District in seven backward districts of Andhra Pradesh during 2014-15 for the developmental activities covering Rayalseema and North Coastal Region.
The remarks assume significance in the wake of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad trying hard to turn it into a contest between "backwards and forwards" in the upcoming Bihar elections in what the observers describe it as his desperate attempts to polarise the vast backward and Dalit voters against the upper castes who roughly account for some 14 per cent of state's total population.
It is the BJP's firm commitment since Jan Sangh days that reservation is essential for social and economic development and empowerment of SCs, STs, backward and extremely backward castes.
If my clock went backward I'd plan my wake ahead, For what's the use of having one for everyone to share, When the one who should be celebrating, Isn't even there.
In reply to Congress president, Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's barb aimed at him for practicing 'low-level' of politics yesterday, Modi had tweeted stating that he was targeted as he belonged to a backward caste, "I belong to lower caste of society, that is why they think my politics is 'low-level' politics.
We say f is forward continuous at x [member of] X, respectively backward continuous, if, for every [epsilon] >0, there exists [delta] > 0 such that y [member of] [B.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Backward Heroes, an interactive media design studio based in Santa Monica, CA, received two awards for outstanding rich media design and development work on New Line Cinema's high-profile feature film marketing campaigns, The Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Golden Compass.
When the GRF passes anterior to the COM, a backward moment is applied about the COM, thereby creating backward angular impulse.
For each input linguistic variable, we define 3 linguistic values: small, medium, big , and for each output we define 7 linguistic values: backward fast, backward medium, backward slow, stop, forward slow, forward medium, forward fast (Popescu, 2006).
He hits the bottom of the cue ball to make it spin backward, even as it moves forward.