backward step

See: decline
References in classic literature ?
For this fell purpose he had backed the astounded De Vac twice around the hall when, with a clever feint, and backward step, the master of fence drew the King into the position he wanted him, and with the suddenness of lightning, a little twist of his foil sent Henry's weapon clanging across the floor of the armory.
Little dreaming of the doom to which his first backward step devotes him, he hurries away, breathless with agitation hitherto unfelt, and hardly dares turn his head at the distant corner.
Instead his right fist was clenched and as The Sheik took a backward step, astonished by the sudden materialization of this strange apparition apparently out of clear air, the heavy fist landed full upon his mouth backed by the weight of the young giant and the terrific power of his more than human muscles.
Possibly, in deference to the occasion, possibly, in defiance of the weather, the captain had taken another backward step toward the days of his youth.
Before the officers had taken a dozen backward steps the men were upon them.
EORL CRABTREE is confident the Giants won't take a backward step in their final push to secure a topfour Super League finish.
PAUL Collingwood has warned Australia potential match-winner Ben Stokes will not take a backward step as he prepares to head into Ashes battle.
This would be a backward step for animal welfare and a threat to British wildlife.
Blackpool was a little backward step but sometimes with a backward step you then look forward again.
I firmly believe it would be a backward step to return to the era of invisible, unelected police authorities.
It is the third time Suarez has been punished for biting opponents, having been banned for seven matches while playing for Ajax in 2010 and 10 matches when at Liverpool last year Taylor told Sky Sports News: "We felt things had got back on track (following his ban with Liverpool), it was up there for everybody to see, but of course this is a massive backward step on the world stage.
Just when it appeared as though the team were getting on top of their issues, with Sebastian Vettel completing 59 laps of Bahrain's Sakhir circuit on Thursday, they took a further backward step just 24 hours later.
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