bad fortune

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And to define the matter roughly, we may say that the proper magnitude is comprised within such limits, that the sequence of events, according to the law of probability or necessity, will admit of a change from bad fortune to good, or from good fortune to bad.
Is it not written above, that, for our family, all good fortune and all bad fortune shall eternally come from France?
But soon regaining his naturally firm voice, he continued: "His bad fortune is the true reason of my being here, for it would never do to abandon such a boy to the Hurons.
In effect, sir," pursued the nephew, "I believe it to be at once your bad fortune, and my good fortune, that has kept me out of a prison in France here.
But before that time we shall be ready with the money; and even though we were not, it would be a bad fortune indeed to find so merciless a creditor in his successor.
I divined that you would become mine, count," replied Morrel; "besides, as I had the honor to tell you, heroism or not, sacrifice or not, that day I owed an offering to bad fortune in recompense for the favors good fortune had on other days granted to us.
Obviously there is pressure, especially when things are not going well and there have been times I have wondered who we have upset to have such bad fortune.
It looked like it was going to be a famous win for Millar's side until bad fortune stuck 18 minutes from time as Wolves defender, Clyde, tried to control Tam McManus' tame effort.
What was responsible for the sudden onslaught of bad fortune in this historically wealthy country?
Carufel was able to take advantage of Kuhn's bad fortune last Saturday.
There is a big difference between arguing that mere need, regardless of whether or not one is responsible for being needy, generates a moral obligation, and that unchosen or undeserved bad fortune so obligates.
Feng Shui identifies forces in the environment, which interact with the individual's Four Pillars of Destiny (birth date as in year, month, day and time) to create a situation where good or bad fortune becomes the order of the day for each individual.