bad job

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Echoing this pattern, Republicans are no more likely than Democrats to say Congress is doing an excellent or good job, nor are they much less likely to say it is doing a poor or bad job.
Over half of drivers think that local councils are doing a bad or very bad job of looking after local roads.
Page didn't elaborate on the reasons he thinks the company is doing a bad job, or which products he was referring to in particular, but it is still one of the more direct criticisms Page has levelled against Facebook to date, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
Specifically, people are asked whether they think each industry is doing a good job or a bad job serving their customers.
If the state's doing that bad a job of keeping track of the billions it spends on the public's behalf, it's not a far stretch to wonder whether it's doing an equally bad job of spending it.
The Chancellor has been criticised after his pounds 5bn swoop on pension funds in his first Budget in 1997 - making 52 per cent of people think he has done a bad job at No 11.
If the incumbent is doing a good job, that should carry a huge amount of weight that is effectively free, and if he or she is doing a bad job, they should not be rewarded if a large amount of money is raised to defeat them.
All I could see was women running round mimicking men - and making a bad job of it
Rita Williams understands the NHS is making the best of a bad job.
Still she seemed to be making the breast of a bad job.
I hate the sense of having too many things to do and the thought of doing a bad job.
Last March's Gallup poll on American Catholics' responses to the latest news of clergy sex abuse received much attention for two of its findings--that 72 percent of Catholics thought the church was doing a bad job dealing with the problem and that 75 percent favored optional celibacy for priests.