bad judgment

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But England were let down by poor execution, a lack of composure and bad judgment.
But in today's world of instant communications and the blogosphere, the story took on major life, getting to the White House, Republican officials and a Democratic Party clearly shaken by Kerry's bad judgment.
In this era of budget surpluses, it is often easy for government bureaucrats to exercise bad judgment when spending the American taxpayer's hard-earned money.
In almost every way, Bustamante displays bad judgment.
What greed and bad judgment she showed by going on a money-making trip to the US while her husband was there for talks with President Bush about poverty-stricken Africa.
Sandra Scott,Edinburgh *** IF Dirty Den can survive his appalling display of bad judgment and perversion, how come John Leslie is still suffering?
Rather than admit that they had made a number of bad calls that severely damaged both Kennedy and Frensley, Ford mid-level managers have adamantly refused to own up to their bad judgment.
And Police Protective League President Bob Baker said rank-and-file officers are very concerned because drug use -- even if it's limited -- can be a sign of poor coping skills and bad judgment.
It's either a joke in bad taste or simply bad judgment.
Social workers feared Metcalfe was assaulting Dylan, and later admitted bad judgment.
Get too close to someone and your bad judgment is over-ridden by an easing of the throttle or application of the brakes.
It was very bad judgment, but the fact that they self-identified, the fact they were remorseful and the fact that they apologized suggest to me they realized the errors of their way and they regretted it enormously,'' he said.