bad reputation

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The sunshine caressed it warmly and affectionately, with evident disregard of its bad reputation.
It was Old London Bridge in those days, and at certain states of the tide there was a race and fall of water there which gave it a bad reputation.
He knew very well, that in his horror of the deed which had culminated the bad deeds and bad reputation of the old family house, in his resentful suspicions of his uncle, and in the aversion with which his conscience regarded the crumbling fabric that he was supposed to uphold, he had acted imperfectly.
The man has a bad reputation, and headed a mob that threw down the walls of the park; and we hardly thought he would be cool enough to come after that.
Well, anyway, I had a bad reputation on a beach where there were no good reputations.
Zametov will make a scandal in the French style in a house of bad reputation, over a glass of champagne .
Annual CR Magazine survey reveals that 85 percent of American females would not join a company with a bad reputation compared to only 65 percent of American males
PESHAWAR -- The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani suspended senior clerk Police Office Bannu on charges of bad reputation and putting political pressure for his choice posting on the financial seats and ordered departmental inquiry against him.
PESHAWAR -- Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani Friday on charges of bad reputation and close links with criminals has suspended SP Investigation Lakki Marwat Mohammad Saddiq Swati with immediate effect.
But he had a bad reputation he'd done time in a feline jail, his body was covered in scars and a dog bit off half his tail.
Established location experiencing recent growth due to improvements, change in management, previous owner had a bad reputation.
TV SHOWS such as Cowboy Builders and Rogue Traders may have given tradesmen a bad reputation.