bad review

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Seventy percent of potential customers check reviews first before they even consider making a purchase and a recent survey stated that one bad review can cost a business 30 new customers on average.
From mastering the major elements of creating an appropriate comic format and theme to getting it into print and understanding companies and submission policies, chapters specific to graphic novels cover such basics as how to get around the 'no unsolicited manuscripts' caveat of some graphic novel publishers, how to handle a bad review once the work is published, and handling art teams, marketing, and legal matters.
For every bad review left on any website, the group organiser will be charged a maximum [pounds sterling]100 per review.
When they queried the charge, they were said to have been told it was incurred under a "no bad review policy" included in the terms and conditions.
AN interesting news story this week was that of the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool who fined two guests PS100 for leaving a bad review on the Trip Advisor website.
In My Dining Hell, he describes the eateries which have raised his hackles over the years - because what he's learned from the 700-plus writeups of his career is that everyone loves a bad review of a restaurant.
Responding professionally to adversity can transform a bad review into an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism.
Some customers won't bother notifying the brand when they post a bad review.
A bad review of a hotel posted three years ago is still there, even if the hotel has been totally changed.
In the commercial world, said Masaoka, most users know enough not to weigh one bad review too heavily.
Repentant companies have also offered a bottle of orange juice that was out of date and fermenting, 60p in return for not switching mobile providers, and a box of condoms after a customer submitted a bad review when one broke.
After a bad review leads to a public meltdown, Favreau (also the film's director) decides to rediscover his passion for food by buying an old van and hitting the highway, accompanied by an old pal and his estranged son.