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And Labour seems to have begun a bad-tempered argument about its future.
By a quirk of fate, their opening game in Group B of this summer's World Cup in Brazil is a rematch of that bad-tempered clash in Johannesburg.
Now, It means bad-tempered and no talent" - Singer and actress Bette Midler (pictured).
A bad-tempered Scottish Premiership clash was taken off air yesterday - because foul-mouthed fans were swearing too much.
81 traffic wardens were censured as they were found absent from their duty points while 100 bad-tempered wardens were directed to perform duties without salaries, he added.
CONSERVATIVE leader Andrew RT Davies is "the Homer Simpson of Welsh politics", First Minister Carwyn Jones said yesterday during a bad-tempered clash in the Senedd.
ENGLAND are determined there will be no repeat at Trent Bridge of the bad-tempered debacle that set up India's Test series victory on their last visit.
ARSENAL captain Cesc Fabregas was last night accused of telling Huddersfield players to "f**k off" after their bad-tempered FA Cup clash.
Summary: Centurion Jonathan Trott continued England's domination of Australia in the fourth Ashes Test on a bad-tempered second day at the MCG.
A bad-tempered match at the Emirates Stadium erupted shortly before half-time when Samir Nasri appeared to tread on the ankle of Hull's Richard Garcia.
In a bad-tempered game at La Rosaleda stadium Malaga drew 1-1 against Zaragoza, with both sides reduced to 10 men for most of the second half.
He taught Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal everything they know, and was the original bad-tempered chef.