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And I believe passionately that the line should not be decided by people of weak disposition who are easily offended, and frequently enjoy being thus rendered, but by normal and robust souls who know the difference between badinage and truly unacceptable utterances.
Vasenka, of course, will quickly return to Vronsky's estate, where the guests view sexual badinage and, indeed, adultery, very differently.
Our badinage is cut short by a crash across the street.
And far from showcasing arrogance and hauteur, the Jose and Diego show featured light-hearted badinage and refreshing self-deprecation.
Such gay (and, to some, offensive) badinage is part and parcel of everyday debate and nobody should be immune.
We want to get back to Beatrice and Benedick's badinage.
16) Graham Fuller, in a retrospective on The Lady Vanishes for Sight and Sound, calls Night Train to Munich "a leaden thriller"--he also says, "Not even the return of Charters and Caldicott, with their dry public-school badinage, can save it" (40).
Ensconced in his chair, he exchanges badinage and memories with his guests, he smiles benevolently on the old boxers who still haunt the place they graced in their prime, and tolerantly listens to the exploits related by the younger generation who knew not the Bute Castle when its fame was not confined to Cardiff but spread beyond our borders and penetrated every sporting town in the United Kingdom and even across the Atlantic to America.
THE badinage in a national tabloid about Roy Hodgson's slight lisp should be treated for what it is - an attempt at lighted-hearted humour meant to tease rather than give offence and is best ignored (Mail, May 3).
CLARE BALDING enjoys daft badinage with Jennifer Saunders, Michael Owen shuns his own jockey in favour of Hayley Turner and Tony McCoy is fed up with reading about jockeys making tea.
Rhett and Scarlett's perpetual badinage in their battle of the
L'appreciation mondaine du moyen age n'est donc pas fondee sur une base d'ignorance, mais cherche au contraire, de facon plus ou moins consciente, a perpetuer des traditions anciennes, dans un esprit sophistique de badinage litteraire.