badly made

See: inferior, poor
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The little princess grumbled to her maid that her bed was badly made.
Her dresses, badly chosen as to their hues, were perhaps not badly made, but were certainly badly worn.
The selection of poets was badly made by the publishers, so that many of the lives deal with very minor versifiers.
There are lots of waste ground by the side of the roads in every village, amounting often to village greens, where feed the pigs and ganders of the people; and these roads are old-fashioned, homely roads, very dirty and badly made, and hardly endurable in winter, but still pleasant jog- trot roads running through the great pasture-lands, dotted here and there with little clumps of thorns, where the sleek kine are feeding, with no fence on either side of them, and a gate at the end of each field, which makes you get out of your gig (if you keep one), and gives you a chance of looking about you every quarter of a mile.
I think we have the is have the want best high streets in the world and just because things are cheap, it doesn't mean they are badly made - I have some very tough competition
David Polglase, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that, on February 18, someone threw two "Molotov cocktails" at the house on Sapphire Street, Old Swan, but because they had been badly made they didn't light.
Nowadays, after modern technology has completely cleaned up the wine-making process, there's no room for the dodgy, badly made wines that may once have appeared.
She said: "It was a bad decision, badly made - and it reflected badly on Scotland.
It's childish (hence the number of times they relish saying the villain's name - how clever) and badly made.
The court heard that Ashvin Rana, 40, had two previous convictions for stocking the imported dummies that were so badly made the judge said they were "a choking hazard for any baby".
One badly made documentary about one narrow issue does not mean there aren't serious problems.