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Stamenov expressed dismay and bafflement at the notoriously opaque Bulgarian price-formation for energy sources, commenting that last year prices were much lower (around 3/5 of prices starting July 1) given higher demand.
But in the past week or so, questions started springing, doubts crept in and bafflement pulled the strings of many minds.
As I travelled and worked outside of South Africa, I caused bafflement, and occasionally indignation, by not identifying myself solely as 'black'.
An unexpected meteor cut through Israel's skyline from east to west Tuesday evening and disappeared shortly after, causing panic throughout central Israel and bafflement among astronomers who failed to predict it.
I can understand her husband's bafflement at her wanting to string beads when she should have been dealing with other more "serious" issues
Japan Through the Looking Gloss has been written with as much fondness as bafflement, but Macfarlane paradoxically remains admirably clear-sighted in his depiction of what he suggests is 'at once the most highly moral and the most immoral large civilisation'.
He argues that their bafflement is in direct proportion to their ignorance about Korean culture and society, and seeks to penetrate that veil by exploring the people's historical experience of foreign intrusion, occupation, war, and often violent social and economic upheaval over the past century.
And that has led to a lot of bafflement, since wild fish tend to swim in pristine waters and are favored by fish lovers.
There is growing concern and bafflement at Northern Foods' apparent inability to find buyers for parts of its business it no longer wants.
Weir says that at the time he had no idea that reality shows were coming, but that his friends' bafflement told him, ``I must be very careful with the logic because people might reject this film.
I find the same bafflement and indifference among my brothers and sisters in the National Writers' Union, which is part of the UAW.
Their comic bafflement is hightened by the high-flown language of the material.