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There are millions of moths, Percy," I said scornfully as I watched it flutter in zigzagged bafflement -- "It doesn't know that, Lyle," Percy said, taking my hand to cross the highway.
He shook his head as he said that, his body language clearly communicating his bafflement.
Referee Uriah Rennie's decision to rule it out, presumably for a push, was met with a mixture of bafflement and anger by McCarthy and his team mates as they immediately surrounded the official.
But during our last meeting at his home in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, just after he'd read the final, metafictional draft of my second novel (he had railed against "metafiction" for years), Gardner said, with a tinge of uncharacteristic bafflement that bothered us both, "This is a different Charles Johnson.
Frustrated by the lack of a responsive critical community, stymied by the dearth of midsize theaters where her nascent company might perform, and vexed by audiences who evidenced bafflement season after season as to just what it was Jenkins was doing, she spoke of her disappointments and the provincial view the Bay Area had of dancers.
Aberconwy Conservative MP Guto Bebb described in a Westminster Hall debate how three Syrians, a Christian, a Druze and a Sunni, who had leave to remain in the UK, visited his surgery and expressed bafflement that their country now posed a risk to their families.
The questions from the Pakistani side betrayed the bafflement on the part of the media, government officials and civil society as to why the Indian Prime Minister did not take the impulsive step in just hopping on to a plane and coming to Pakistan, for a pilgrimage to a gurudwara, or to visit his place of birth.
The show is not telling us what to think but instead asking us to share in the bafflement, conflicted emotions, anger and humour directed at a world where "stuff happens" and to which we have 24-hour access.
Mr Miliband said there was "a sense of bafflement and anger at Britain" both from France and Germany and from traditional allies like Poland, over Mr Cameron's failure to "engage in the proper processes of negotiation".
But his dodgy footwork and apparent bafflement about what he was supposed to be doing with his body finally told.
Full marks to the Town fan who, after a second or two of silent bafflement, responded: "Well you should know Clare, you've been to the ground often enough
The most common response amongst those I know who visited the exhibition was bafflement, as the answer to almost every question posed, even the most fundamental ones, was "We can't really say at this stage".