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BAGGAGE. Such articles as are carried by a traveller; luggage. Every thing which a passenger, carries, with him is not baggage. Large sums of money, for example, carried in a travelling trunk, will not be considered baggage, so as to render the carrier responsible. 9 Wend. R. 85. But a watch deposited in his trunk is part of his baggage. 10 Ohio R. 145. See, as to what is baggage, 6 Hill, R. 586 5 Rawle, 188, 189; 1 Pick. 50.
     2. In general a common carrier of passengers is responsible for baggage, if lost, though no distinct price be paid for transporting it, it being included in the passenger's fare. Id. The carrier's responsibility for the baggage begins as soon as it has been delivered to him, or to his servants, or to some other person authorized by him to receive it. Then the delivery is complete. The risk and responsibility of the carrier is at an end as soon as he has delivered the baggage to the owner or his agent; and if an offer to deliver it be made at a proper time, the carrier will be discharged from responsibility, us 'such yet, if the baggage remain in his custody afterwards, he will hold as, bailee, and be responsible for it according to the terms of such bailment ana, R. 92. Vide Common Carriers
     3. By the act of congress of March 2, 1799, sect. 46, 1 Story's L. U. S. 612, it is declared that all wearing apparel and other personal baggage, &c., of persons who shall arrive in the United States, shall be free and exempted from duty.

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Increased allowance for Economy Value and Economy Freedom guests on certain routes from 30kg to two pieces of baggage at 23kg per bag -- a total allowance of 46kg.
From tomorrow, Air India (AI) and Air India Express (AIE) are slated to strictly restrict the free allowance for hand baggage inclusive of duty free items to 8kg and 7kg on flights respectively.
The Baggage Unloader was developed to assist handlers in transferring bags from a trolley onto a conveying line in the airport.
Passengers ticketed prior to August 22 will continue to be entitled to a 30kg free baggage allowance, as reflected on their itinerary receipt, irrespective of the date of travel," the airline added.
But improved technology and faster passenger processes can mean that baggage is literally left lugging behind in some airports.
The global Baggage Handling Systems market revenue is expected to grow from USD 21.
Recently, two airlines, Hungary based Wizzair, and US based Spirit Airlines, have announced baggage charges for bags that are to be stowed in overhead bins, while only small items that may be fitted below the seat remain free of charge.
Subject to availability, a 40kg checked baggage allowance can also be pre-booked for QR100.
The drop in mishandled baggage numbers can be due to several reasons, among them the increasing number of airlines charging for baggage resulting in fewer bags being checked-in.
net, in cases where baggage is delayed, damaged or lost, a full report will be made and a report reference number provided to the customer.
TSA met its mandate to establish a federal screener workforce by November 2002, but continues to face challenges in hiring and deploying passenger and baggage screeners.
VAN NUYS - Security concerns have scuttled plans for a baggage check-in service at the expanded Van Nuys FlyAway terminal, dashing the hopes of LAX-bound travelers for the time-saving feature.