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When I was heavy I used to wear a baggy top and an even baggier cardigan tied around my hips.
For daring divas who want to flash a bit of skin to those who want something a little baggier as they indulge in festive feasts, with key pieces including silk and lace prom dresses and elegant Grecian maxi dresses, there's definitely something for everyone.
Heading the credits, in a role specially invented for him, is Scott Wright,formerly Sam the stripper/mechanic from Coronation Street, and now served up in a baggier, saggier costume as Mustapha, the sultan's guard.
PORTABLE MUSIC MP3 Player: holds thousands of songs VIDEO GAMES Top systems: PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox Top games: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Features: Plug-in adaptors available to link all three systems across the Internet, PlayStation 2 plays DVDs, Xbox can play and burn CDs CELL PHONES Size: Fits in the palm of your hand Colours: Check out the rainbow Features: Downloadable ring tones, Text messaging, Games FASHION Shoes: Nike, LugZ, Sketchers Boys jeans: Even baggier Girl style Flared hip huggers, Tiny tank tops, Bangle bracelets
If you're not into skintight fashion, baggier padded shorts are available.
So my mom staffed making me pants with lower crotches, but when you have regular pants with a low crotch it looks funny, it looks like MC Hammer pants, so they staffed getting a little bit baggier.
Baggier ones virtually obliterate your outline, although baggy headnets can be more difficult to shoot with.
Thinking he had been threatened, a sailor in downtown's diaspora of multicultural revelers attacked a kid in a ``zoot suit'' - a spiffy, oversize suit baggier than a pair of NBA trunks, which, aside from maybe David Byrne in ``Stop Making Sense,'' never returned to style.
Bootleg trousers from River Island had 36ins hips while slightly baggier but still straight trousers from Dorothy Perkins were 42ins.
The overclass is looser and baggier than he suggests, and not quite as monstrous.
In this age of sartorial pluralism, at least when it comes to pants, many adhere to the adage, "the baggier the better.
It was easy enough to hide everything from them because you learn how to go unnoticed, you wear baggier clothes.