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As for live baiting, he likes to slow troll one live bait on the surface and another bait 50 to 80 feet down on a downrigger in areas that he has either seen marlin or that show signs that marlin may be in the area (such as hoards of bait, current breaks, or other marlin favorable conditions).
Katie Hansberry, campaign director for Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting said: "Fair chase hunters don't want to trudge through woods that are filled with rotting garbage - other states have shown an increase in fair chase bear hunting once unsporting practices like baiting have been prohibited, and Maine will be no different.
Study coordinator, Shirley Wilson of BASF, said: "The fact that an increasing number are failing to implement most key elements of best baiting practice is a major concern.
Crawfish present in the traps were removed prior to baiting, bait added, and the catch removed after 24 h.
Different baiting studies in Japan have demonstrated lower environmental contamination with E.
However, Noonan says that for the first 4 years of his observations, he saw no systematic baiting of gulls by orcas.
The radio-tracking of collared cats and spotlight surveys before and after baiting were used to gauge the bait's effects.
Army officials, however, will not detail the type of harassment being discussed in the calls and cannot say whether lesbian baiting is being treated as a type of sexual harassment.
Jon had wanted one thing before we started baiting, and that was to harvest a big bear with his recurve.
The primary purpose of the baiting is to vaccinate raccoons, although other animals that ingest the bait will be vaccinated against the virus.
Significantly fewer rabid foxes were found during the 17 years after fox baiting (5 cases during 1990-2006) than in the 17 years before (96 cases during 1973-1989).