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be any deposits made to the Zero Balance Accounts, except for transfers from the
At the end of the transition period, no additions were made to accounts under the old plan, but credits continued to accrue in the new cash balance accounts.
Thousands of poor minority students in the state have been unable to avail the central government's sponsorship scheme because banks allegedly refused to open zero- balance accounts in their names.
The poor returns offered by high balance accounts come despite the fact there are several accounts for people with just pounds 1,000 worth of savings offering rates of 6.
All three will download bank account data, help balance accounts, budget, track spending, and perform other basic tasks.
Current problems relate to special situations such as double billing and erroneous billing by computer conversion input personnel and the inability by computer personnel to promptly correct debit errors and computer generated erroneous interest charges by input credits to the computer system to zero balance accounts.
P K Malhotra, State Bank of India operations deputy managing director said that the zero balance accounts has raised the bank's operational expenses, even though it has failed to boost the current and savings account ratio.
Specifically, the Fortune 1000 industrial company increased "contribution credits" to DB participants' pension cash balance accounts in lieu of equivalent direct cash payments to departing workers.
All three Professionals Preference Program segments feature lending products with quick, local decision-making; cash management services including online access, wire transfers, Zero Balance Accounts, and lockbox services; other specialized services such as merchant card and payroll services; a complete portfolio of business and personal insurance products, and access to investment services and wealth management.
Also, cash balance accounts are grandfathered for all Nabisco participants by converting them into lump-sum credits for prior service under the Pension Equity Plan.
Financial advisors who sell retirement plans need an easy automatic rollover solution, but advisors and their retail broker-dealers are generally not set up to handle such a large number of small balance accounts.
We used zero balance accounts, or ZBAs, to control the cash movements centrally.