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John Bale and the Development of Protestant Hagiography in England.
cotton bales produced annually require bale-tie repairs, costing producers up to $35 per bale.
The bale fell from a parked trailer that was being loaded to transport bales that had been sold for cattle feed.
You would make it worth their while and you would be getting hay for half or less over square bale cost even disregarding the hassle of handing square bales.
According to Matts Myhrman, "Trying to burn a well-compacted bale is rather like trying to burn a phone book.
Efforts to recycle woven PP from bale wrap and bulk bags is driven by textile companies that want an outlet for their waste, since several states, including the big textile states of North and South Carolina, ban landfilling of plastics.
Giggs 10 (out of 10) Bale 9 SHOOTING: Again, Giggs was more subtle with his curling efforts from distance and used to score some great free-kicks in his early days.
Every baler has a charge box opening--the area where material must pass through in the baling chamber in order to be pressed into the bale.
The machine needed a double wmdrow about 4 feet wide to make well-formed bales; a single, narrow windrow made a cigar-shaped bale - fat in the middle and tapered at each end.
In his conclusion to the second volume of the Examinations, Bale urges his readers to recognize in Askew's trials the clear signs of "the horryble madde furye of Antichrist and the devyll, how they worke in thys a ge by their tyrannouse members.
Bale can be a bit ambitious at times and gives the ball away, but this is another facet of his game that should never be under-estimated.
If a bale was decent at all, the hook never pulled out.