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Take an extra tall, balky, motherless 15-year-old misfit who doesn't do well at anything in school or out.
Tired of hearing me curse at my old and balky chronograph (its crude, cardboard diffusers long since shot to doll rags), he applied a portion of his Midway USA birthday bonus and got me one for Christmas.
He holds her skyward, and her clipped wings sound like a balky lawn mower as they flap furiously, and futilely.
This is where the perception comes from," Mr Moody said, adding it's possible children growing up in those years may have been influenced by seeing their parents deal with balky Big Three vehicles.
Most problems can usually be fixed on Hudson Falls' servers, and the IT staff have become more like Maytag repairmen, seldom called into the field to fix balky traditional computers.
Winheld has internalized Cardona's peculiar balky and combustible style so well that, in an extended solo, he seemed completely detached from the bold, sometimes violent movement that he performed flawlessly.
in 1995, but was hobbled by undercapitalization and a balky bottling line.
The chief of the Receita Federal Everardo Maciel, who was instrumental in pushing the measure through a balky Congress (many members might be directly affected by the new law) said his department currently has 20,000 tax fraud investigations under way in which the new tools should come in handy.
My friend points out that neither the tone nor the length of the memo changes, whether or not the night's challenge is a balky copier or an earthquake that clocks 7.
Fred Bernard also must contend with a balky electric grid and delicate infrastructure.
Packing up my decoys, blind, and bow, I advanced toward the balky bird and set up once more.
I'll never forget how Dick Cattani furiously worked the balky phones of Shanghai during NCEW's month-long trip to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in 1987, skipping interviews, tours, and meetings to help us with upcoming schedules.