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Wave soldering was balky and time-consuming, and wasn't delivering hole-fill requirements.
Under one goal, the Trojans students derisively let little Wedel have it, and early on he gave them plenty of fodder with some balky ball handling and misses from the outside.
Tabashnik knew from lab experiments that pink bollworms evolve resistance by developing a balky version of cadherin, which doesn't bind well with the Cry1A pieces.
The author attributed this to his "somewhat balky nature".
Take an extra tall, balky, motherless 15-year-old misfit who doesn't do well at anything in school or out.
A slow or balky ramp could be a sign of hydraulic problems on your Stryker, crewmen.
Tired of hearing me curse at my old and balky chronograph (its crude, cardboard diffusers long since shot to doll rags), he applied a portion of his Midway USA birthday bonus and got me one for Christmas.
He holds her skyward, and her clipped wings sound like a balky lawn mower as they flap furiously, and futilely.
This is where the perception comes from," Mr Moody said, adding it's possible children growing up in those years may have been influenced by seeing their parents deal with balky Big Three vehicles.
Most problems can usually be fixed on Hudson Falls' servers, and the IT staff have become more like Maytag repairmen, seldom called into the field to fix balky traditional computers.
Fathers who have had to prime balky carburetors by hand to get the old family pickup truck going show up smelling of gasoline and axle grease.
Winheld has internalized Cardona's peculiar balky and combustible style so well that, in an extended solo, he seemed completely detached from the bold, sometimes violent movement that he performed flawlessly.