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These new models will utilize the proprietary technology that has been designed into the successful TRIPLEX CERAMIC[TM] to complete a line of high performance turbochargers utilizing the many advantages of ceramic ball bearings.
A youth was arrested and police seized a ball bearing gun from him.
Therefore, with any part defective in ball bearing, we expect that a component is made in the spectrum of the vibration signals.
Deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale says a fivefold increase in firearms crime in North Wales is due to a ban on 'BB' guns, not evidence of a new gun culture' Ball bearing guns (pictured) and airguns account for most recorded firearms offences in North Wales
At a family fun day I was quite surprised to see ball bearing guns being offered at a kiddies stall.
Insp Alf Berridge, head of firearms and training at Warwickshire Police, said: "It has been extremely positive with people not only bringing in prohibited weapons, but also imitation guns, air guns and ball bearing guns.
A MEETING to discuss youth crime was disrupted when dopey yobs fired ball bearings through the window.
Police later arrested the youngster, who was carrying a BB gun, which fires ball bearings.
Located in Troy, NY, Pacamor Kubar Bearings is one of the few American owned and operated miniature and instrument ball bearing manufacturers .
Minebea's Subsidiary Establishes Ball Bearing Facility as a JV in Zhejiang Province
POLICE have launched an investigation after a dog was hit by a ball bearing fired from an air rifle in Bromsgrove.