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You shouldn't have to gently caress the ballcock to stop it flushing.
I forgot, you also have to take the lid off the top of our toilet and firmly press the ballcock down to make it flush.
Crapper didn't invent the flush toilet, as people often wrongly say, but the floating ballcock.
That came to her shortly after I flooded the hall while trying to fix the downstairs toilet ballcock and accidentally wrenched the portal off the washing machine.
Tenders are invited for Valve Ballcock 1- 1/4Pt Compression Drain Ftil 726102000 Drg No Emd Pt.
A toilet ballcock maybe, but I don't know anyone who's ever bought one of those so I can't verify that.
Her client no more treats her merely as a means than Audi treats a plumber merely as a means when he pays her to straighten out his drooping ballcock.
Think of all those grateful women in their negligees saying how much they admire your ballcock work" - Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson discussing the advantages of taking up plumbing as a career.
A circular finial is made from a toilet ballcock, but you'd never know as it sits on top of a home-made obelisk.
The gents' loos, winner of the David Ashforth Golden Ballcock in his marathon round the courses of Britain and Ireland, during which a lot of water was passed under the bridge, are also notable.