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Fan balloting figured as an unspecified component in last year's balloting, when several players from Lancaster were left off the team despite putting up better numbers than players from teams with significantly better attendance.
In initial balloting returns released one year ago, Bryant was by far the most popular player in the league, earning 659,998 votes.
A new All-Star Balloting television commercial, which will feature characters from Twentieth Century Fox movie Fat Albert, opening nationwide December 25th, and NBA Legend Bill Walton, will air during NBA games on ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV, in movie theater lobbies and other NBA programming.
Oregon is the first state to replace traditional polling-place balloting with universal vote-by-mail, although 13 others now encourage early voting in some form.
As part of the in-stadium and online balloting program, Ameriquest will feature seven scheduled balloting updates exclusively in USA Today throughout May and June.
The city wants the balloting completed by midspring, to determine whether the tax will be there before it has to make final decisions about the budget.
Bradley predicted, however, that if Checchi wins the primary, absentee balloting will become the necessary cog in all future campaigns.
The balloting is being prompted by Proposition 218, approved by California voters in November.
Based on the tremendous popularity of last year's global All-Star Balloting program, we are anticipating an increased number of ballots this season," said Noah Garden, MLBAM's senior vice president of e-commerce.
The RadioShack 2002 MLB All-Star Online Balloting program has been expanded to include ballots in Spanish and Japanese, in addition to English.
SNTL Corporation (Pink Sheets:SNLLQ) announced that balloting commenced May 13, 2002, for the approval of SNTL's First Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization (the "Plan").