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That night, under the blankets, Saxon lay awake, looking at the stars, pleasuring in the balmy thicket-scents, and listening to the dull rumble of the outer surf and the whispering ripples on the sheltered beach a few feet away.
Green and his sisters had sent their carriage back empty, in order to enjoy the bright sunshine and balmy air in a sociable walk home along with their visitors, Captain Somebody and Lieutenant Somebody-else (a couple of military fops), and the Misses Murray, who, of course, contrived to join them.
He breathed the balmy mountain air in great gulps, like a diver fresh-risen from the sea.
It was a moonlight night-- mild Luna shedding a balmy light on surrounding objects, and, if possible, rendering my heart more sensitive than ever.
The doors of the hall were thrown open, and the mild, balmy air of a clear spring morning was ventilating the apartment, where the vigilance of the ex-steward had been so long maintaining an artificial heat with such unremitted diligence.
But the night was as beautiful as it had been an hour or two back; the stars as brilliant, the breeze even more balmy, the sea even more calm; and we were hove-to already, against the worst.
But the fragrance which ascended from the grass, fresher and more penetrating than that which exhaled from the trees around him; the warm and balmy air which enveloped him for the first time for many years past; the ineffable enjoyment of liberty in an open country, spoke to the prince in so seductive a language, that notwithstanding the preternatural caution, we would almost say dissimulation of his character, of which we have tried to give an idea, he could not restrain his emotion, and breathed a sigh of ecstasy.
The weather on Monday is balmy for most of Taiwan, the bureau added.
WHAT could be finer on a balmy summer night than an open-air rock concert?
Parts of the country are tipped to bask in temperatures as high as 21C - the same as in balmy Los Angeles.
BALMY Birmingham is set to be warmer than Bordeaux by the weekend as a sub-tropical front sweeps across the region.
RECORDS could tumble as unusually balmy weather sweeps its way across the North East this weekend.