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LOVERS 3 The horror stems from Chris and Tina's sheer banality
Sejima seems to be waging an admirable war against the banality of the internal corridor; on the third floor, for instance, grids of rooms linked by a perimeter zone of circulation are arranged around intimate external courtyards that bring light into the deep plan.
What barely saves his project from degenerating into a love letter to the past is his un-Romantic subject matter, which is almost insignificant in its utter banality.
Are you planning to blindfold your kids whenever they're in public lest they discover the nonthreatening banality of diversity?
But ``Paradise Now'' is really more concerned with small, telling moments that capture the banality of evil in much the same way Oliver Hirschbiegel did earlier this year in his Hitler's bunker saga ``Downfall.
Newport, by contrast, privatized, with wealthy vacationers building lavish and elegant "cottages" to provide seclusion from the banality of hotel life.
TV bosses have decided to help bring about the end of reality programming, which they predict is just around the corner, with the ultimate in mind-numbing banality.
As the Cannes Palme d'Or winner tracks a day in the life of a typical high school, Van Sant sees banality and beauty in daily routines that are shattered by kids armed to the teeth with assault rifles and homemade bombs.
A central theme of The Order of the Phoenix, then, is what Hannah Arendt called "the banality of evil.
Fighting to preserve their banality, they slammed against each other in attempts to safeguard their individuality and isolation.
Garth Crooks's convoluted questioning has already become legend, but the athletics coverage from Manchester set world records for banality and conflict of interest, with Sally Gunnell in the gold medal position.
Dillon allows this undramatic player to convert to rich banality the extraordinary drama of the Cold War.