band of armed men

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The businessman, Jee Ick-joo, was taken from his home in Angeles City in October 2016, along with a housemaid, by a band of armed men who had barged into the house announcing a drug raid.
On 19 July in 1947, seven independence leaders of Burma were assassinated by a band of armed men while they were holding a cabinet meeting at 'The Secretariat' or Government House in downtown Rangoon.
Resistance is not a band of armed men hell-bent on wreaking havoc.
Summary: Resistance is not a band of armed men hell-bent on wreaking havoc.
Rumours of an imminent attack by a Genoese war fleet were to be spread for the night of April 15th and in the alarm and confusion, a band of armed men, led by a member of the doge's family and ostensibly acting to protect him, were to kill as many nobles as they could and then proclaim Falier as Prince of Venice.
Frequently, a band of armed men in disguise made several attacks in a single night.
Commandos of Zulu Company spotted a nervous band of armed men runing into a mud- brick building suspected of holding a weapons cache.
Marcos' small band of armed men have never been a match for the Mexican military, but he has proven adept at public relations, and the caravan to Mexico City is attracting significant press coverage.
Osop said the military had suspected that the attack on the military camp was perpetrated by members of the Maute group, a band of armed men blamed for several incidents in Lanao del Sur-including the beheading of two of the six kidnapped sawmill workers in Butig town last April 11.
Maguindanao crown prince Datu Mama Mastura, a resident of Napnapan, said his brother and Maguindanao Sultan Salem Abdulaziz Guiwan Mastura Kudarat V sent emissaries to help prevent the situation from further escalating as the attackers and another band of armed men engaged in a firefight.
The men numbering about 10 would often argue on whether or not a band of armed men they saw was enemy or not.