band together

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In the face of ever-increasing media consolidation, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps recently urged independent producers to band together and have their voices heard," explained Gary Lico, president and CEO of CABLEready.
Also, as health care providers, including physicians and hospitals, band together to gain more negotiating strength against managed care companies, and employers join forces to wrangle lower premiums from them, HMOs are starting to experience a boomerang effect: The very consolidation they helped initiate by squeezing suppliers and purchasers is forcing the HMOs themselves to consolidate further.
It is not often that traditionally competitive organizations band together, especially during tough economic times.
BBH's all-heartache-all-the-time sound took shape after Fisher, 26, moved from his native Virginia to the Bay Area in 1993 and began putting a band together.
Paul area in containing costs while improving quality by getting large purchasers to band together to effect change in the health care marketplace.
It was difficult putting the band together, but thanks to a lot of people involved we pulled it off.
We could blow apart and probably lose the thing or we could band together and work to overcome it.
ABOUT BAND TOGETHER Band Together CT unites a network of talented musicians and artists with nonprofit organizations to raise funds for children and families in need of a helping hand.
In order to help other people with anxiety disorders and depression at this time of year, Lauren has organised Band Together with her musician boyfriend Reid Anderson, 37.
BAND TOGETHER J The Enemies will give proceeds of first single to charity KIND J Smile single
He said: "We hope Band Together will raise awareness and that people will be willing to spend just pounds 3 to support the festival.
It's like, 'We have to get out of jail, and if we have to put a band together to do that, then that's what we're going to do,' " he added.