banded together

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They weren't these amazing, accomplished singers who banded together.
Over 100 years ago a group of professional nurses banded together to form the South Carolina Nurses Association .
If Southern California's federal lawmakers banded together and started using their weight, they could be a serious force to be reckoned with.
FAMOUS faces have banded together for Children in Need's new wristband.
As an example, Beef Information Exchange (BIE) is a coalition of animal ID data service companies (including AgInfoLink) that banded together to facilitate development of information-sharing standards.
A coalition of waste and recycling industry associations and companies has banded together to fight the company's efforts to receive an STB exemption.
In 1889, a small group of friends banded together to help serve the social, educational and cultural needs of the Jewish refugees crowding the Lower East Side.
Just the day before getting his award, Moses had been part of panel of superintendents from seven high performing school districts that have banded together formally as the Western States Benchmarking Consortium.
The wealthy venture capitalist has been living on the island for three years to avoid being served the subpoenas, injunctions and other legal papers from his four ex-wives who have banded together to get even with Preston and take him for all he is worth.
WITH THE: California Arts Council budget reduced drastically, four San Francisco Bay Area community foundations and three state and national foundations have banded together to create a $1 million fund benefiting a key player often excluded from philanthropic largesse--the individual artist.
Parents in Boyd County have banded together in an organization called Defenders Voice, which is supported by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a religious liberties public-interest legal group.
Forest Products Leadership Alliance (FPLA), Atlanta, Georgia, USA is a new announced alliance of several key paper industry organizations which have banded together to take a leadership role in providing professional development options for the industry in the areas of management and leadership skills.